About Brittany

On Jan. 30, 2018 I became a survivor of murder-suicide loss. Facts were written in the media, case files, autopsy reports and death certificates. They were illustrated with crime scene photos and national news headlines. Breadcrumbs of truth built the narrative for me, never telling the full story. There are 11 murder-suicides each week in the United States, often in military and veteran communities. Why aren’t we talking about this publicly beyond sensationalized headlines that don’t help solve the problem?
As a survivor of murder-suicide, I am more than a murderer’s daughter.
The lack of support, information, and humanization led me to believe nobody should be talking about it. I felt voiceless and carried significant guilt and shame because of the stigmatized circumstances. Now I’m taking back the narrative. As a survivor of murder-suicide, I am more than a murderer’s daughter. I am adding to the national conversation on mental health and veteran post-traumatic stress disorder. I hope my story and writing will educate the public and help survivors of this type of tragedy to know they are not alone; the shame is not theirs to carry as they navigate their complex journey. I’m a lifelong writer with extensive professional experience helping corporate executives and military Flag/General Officers find their voices and tell their stories. I moved to Louisville, Kentucky, in 2017 from Washington, DC, with my husband and daughter. My father was raised in Kentucky and I’ve enjoyed connecting to my roots in the state that extend generations.
Brittany with her father, a U.S. Army Veteran, at Arlington National Cemetery in 2013.

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